Project Management, IT Consulting

WJ McEachran provides business and computer consulting solutions to enterprises large and small. Located just east of Toronto, in Whitby Ontario, we serve the GTA, southern Ontario, and - via the 'net - the world.

We specialize in:

  • Document Management and Workflows using low cost open source solutions.
  • Equipment monitoring and real time reporting (think energy consumption!)
  • IT Project Management
  • Systems documentation (leveraging the talents of your staff)
  • Educational and training programs
  • Deployment of virtual machines
  • Maintaining and modernizing Legacy Systems (filePro / BBx)

Please contact us for a no-hassle, no-charge meeting to assess your business computing needs.

Unix / Linux

The world runs on Unix and its variants -- Linux and BSD -- and so does your business.

If you need help customizing programs to run your way, we can help!.

We were certified by the Linux Professional Institute and have been customizing Unix and Linux systems since 1985

Read more: Unix / Linux

Web Applications

We can help you with your presence!

We are experienced with PHP, jquery, LAMP, WAMP, web server customization, security and firewalls.

We use the Codeigniter frameworker for code maintainability conforming to the modern MVC development pattern.

We use revision control software to track all changes made during development.

Legacy/filepro programming

Is your old filepro legacy system is showing it's age.? It works great; but staff complain about it being 'antiquated'?

We can help bring some modern features from your legacy BBx or filePro system.  You're staff will be happier and you'll continue to leverage the investment made in customizing your systems over the years.

We've been servicing legacy systems, such as filePro and BBx,  since 1985. We have been brought in by many company's to update or debug their custom applications.

Some ideas to consider:

  • Email or fax directly from your filePro or BBx application to customers!
  • Transfer files produced by filePro or BBx directly to your suppliers or customers!
  • Convert your filePro or BBx printed reports in PDF files or Excel Spreadsheets that open on your desktop!
  • Automatically have data from other sources imported into your filePro or BBx application. Save your staff the drudgery of entering this data!
  • Accept data from Bar Codes!  Produce your own bar codes from your filePro or BBx application.
  • Access your filePro or BBx application securely from remote locations using low cost VPNs or ssh and still print on either side of the connection!
  • Add images and media to your console based application!
  • Have reports generated automatically to PDF and uploaded to your website!
  • Extend your filepro data into various web services, like Salesforce,  automatically!

 We specialize in extending/enhancing existing filepro legacy applications.  

We can also bring your filePro data to the web in a manner that lets you transaction out of filepro/legacy into a more modern infrastructure over time.

We can  develop a modern, web based, "front end" to your legacy BBx or filePro application..

filePro / BBx can be modernized!


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